Build a storefront with Airtable, Zapier and Dola

There are lots of e-commerce solutions available, but this one is the quickest to step, and the easiest for customers to transact.

This is a no-code solution, meaning anyone can install this on their site, no engineering team required.

Use this template to create an e-commerce platform in Airtable, complete with product catalogue and order management. By integrating Airtable, Dola (Digital wallet & 1-click checkout) and Zapier you can allow your visitors to purchase anything.

Click the link below to try it, if you want to buy the template to get started then complete the checkout flow and we'll send you everything you need 👇

Airtable Commerce - Sell stuff & run an e-commerce business with Airtable | Product Hunt

Included in the template 🎉

Create a 1-click purchase checkout on your static website using this ready-to-go template. Allowing you to create product, generate buy-now buttons and manage orders, customers + more.

Airtable template:
The Airtable base has been designed to hold a product catalogue, so upload the product information of the stuff you want to sell and Airtable will automatically generate the HTML Code you can simply paste onto your site.

When you receive an order it will be automatically imported into the Orders table in Airtable, along with the: 

- Order information
- Line items (What was purchased)
- Customer & shipping information

Then you will use Airtable to manage and fulfil orders

You'll need the following accounts
- Stripe
- Dola
- Zapier
- Airtable

Zapier zaps:
We will provide you with 2 Zapier templates which sync Dola & Airtable, triggering on:

- Importing new order from Dola to Airtable
- Marking orders as fulfilled in Dola from Airtable

With this template purchase you will get: 

  • Airtable template
  • Zapier templates
  • Video support guides
Create your product catalogue in Airtable
Copy the code to your webpage
Consumers can purchase in one-click
Orders appear in the Airtable base for fulfilment