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Say goodbye to expensive legacy databases and hello to productivity.

Count on our team to look for efficiencies in your workflow, reduce your costs and design an integration that allows your team to work smarter and faster - we’ll explain all your options on our first call.

PRODUCTION management case study

Managing a seed to sale vertically integrated
hemp company

Airtable has been setup as a centralized record keeping and production management system to track all aspects of growing the hemp plants to selling the oil.

On average 5+ orders per day are purchased, produced and shipped through this production system which is managed by Airtable across 4 locations and departments.

It also has extensive Zapier integrations with Shipstation, Square, Quickbooks, Trustpilot and MailChimp.

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Creating an earned media PR 
planning tool built on Airtable from the ground up

Airtable is the as the database to this earned media tool allowing brands to plan and execute their own PR campaigns by allowing them to contact relevant publications.

The database is maintained by a team of researchers spanning different timezones and is an effective way of managing the data on a daily basis.

Additional integrations help to manage users on the platform including integrations with Mailchimp and Slack.

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To find out more about your business and how you want to use Airtable, that will allow us to define deliverables and provide an estimate design & build your base.

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We build your base, creating the structure from your dummy data, a feedback look allows us to iterate on the structure until it works perfectly for you.

typically 1-2 days
Iteration & support
per month support package

Your needs will change over time, we can provide on-going support to make changes, train employees and manage your 3d party integrations.

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