Cost effective software to run your Legal practice

Easy matter management workflows, with full support for you and your team backed up by industry-leading security.


Manage cases, contacts, and tasks

View all of your cases, and chronological client communication and information in a single place.

Generate bills and get paid faster

Keep track of financials and legal client accounts with easy-to-use reports and dashboards.

Expert Support and training

We train and support your entire team on how to use the system, we're dedicated to your success.

Streamlined to what you need

We customize our software to fit you and your practice, meaning you're not paying for anything you don't use.

Flexible and affordable

Our service streamlines your firm operations with online time tracking, billing and payments.

One simple setup fee

with ongoing Support per user/ per month
  • Collaborative Case management
  • Time tracking (Hourly & flat fee billing)
  • Support and training
  • No long term commitment
“Airtable allows me to track my staff's workload, keep a tab on the company's receivables, have all client notes in one place so everyone can easily pick up on a case if needed.  This helps each attorney/staff member track his/her workload and prioritize work accordingly."

Lauren Debellis Aviv
Managing Partner,
Daniel Aharoni & Partners LLP

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